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Alan Levine's Wiki Notes Page


This is just a little example of a person's wiki page. I might say soemthing like:


I am an instructional technologist at the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (MCLI) where I get to explore all kinds of new technologies. I also write about this work at my own weblog, CogDogBlog. But I am no more "ahead" of the technology game than anyone else, and I am constantly learning.


Notes on Wikis

PBwiki (http://pbwiki.com/) is great for teachers because it is free, quick to set up, and can be compeltely private, or editing can be shared via a site password. It is a powerful tool. And it looks tasty.


Notes on Photosharing

I had seen a lot of flickr but this was the first I ahd seen delivr, where you can email postcard like images based on photos on flickr. It loaded up my own flickr photos and then I picked one to email. Here is a screen shot of how it arrived in my Gmail account:


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